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Core technologies
Authentication token management
There are many password managent systems available, but none that match our RTLBAT system in features or security. In fact, we have discarded the term password altogether as it truly no longer applies. Our Replaceable Transferable Long Block Authentication Token creation, distribution and management system is perfect for you, whether you manage one computer, or one hundred thousand.
Passwords and account information are encrypted before storing.
Integrates with out black key system for greater security. (Patent pending)
Can be managed centrally on large network.
New login tokens can be securely emailed to users over wan links.
Comes with a separate utility for viewing passwords in centrally managed networks.
Individual password files can be merged into a password store for ease of use .
Can create authentication tokens using ANY character set such as Hebrew, Cyrillic, Chinese, etc...
Uses EPDTC technology for login tokens. This is an enhanced automation of the process recommended by Microsoft for creating login tokens which is proven to add complexity without decreasing usability.
Allows you to SPECIFY which characters will be used in creating an authentication token. This is extremely useful as some sites do not accept all possible characters.
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